Taste the Moon!

Radha Govinda's is Denver's new destination spot where guests can not only "taste the moon" in vegetarian cuisine made in the true spirit of higher consciousness, but touch the moon by way of a new mural now gracing our building! The design is by our branding expert, t.jungle Design (tjungle.com) and the mural painting is by artist Teresa Gostanza (gostanza.com).

A fitting image for a fresh start to what has been a beloved part of the community, we're in fact over the moon at the opportunity to share our many years experience in creating vegetarian cuisine made with love and in ongoing dedication to a higher taste.

Clean, Green, Sustainable

We're equally committed to creating a caring environment for our customers, staff, suppliers, and ultimately our earth. For that reason, we use produce from our own garden and from local, organic farms (as available), and Door-to-Door Organics for community feasts. We sweeten only with organic cane sugar, vegan confectioners sugar, raw agave syrup, honey, maple syrup, and fruits. And we use only high-grade stainless steel for cooking, serving, and packaging our food—including eco-friendly, biodegradable to-go containers and utensils

Radha Govinda's is also green cleaned so guests can enjoy their experience without toxic fumes while other tables are cleaned during their visit. And they can relax and enjoy, knowing we do not use margarine, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or any unhealthy ingredients, including teflon, plastics, styrofoam, and microwaves in our food preparation.

Delicious Food + Ambiance = Fuel for the Soul

"Fuel for the soul," our tagline, doesn't just mean feeding bellies—it's important to us that guests leave with full hearts! That's why we provide a clean, bright, cozy atmosphere with natural materials, skylights, plants, and uplifting, inspirational music and artwork. There's also an outdoor patio with shaded tables affording views into the landmark temple.

Our Logo: A Symbol of Values and Mission

We wanted a clean, modern, lively yet peaceful look to our logo but one that appeared simple while holding layers of meaning to resonate with our mission. The result is a perfect blend of hand lettering, symbol, and tagline, created—along with this website and its content—by brand designer, Terese Jungle of t.jungle Design.

The symbol part of the logo represents a flower designed around the infinity symbol (stare at the negative space and you’ll see it) to represent both the idea of natural offerings as well as creation, reciprocity, yoga flow’s in-breath/out-breath, and the idea of “being without finish.” Since the decisions we make every day affect the being we are continually becoming, we wanted to include this symbol as a reminder to make conscious choices since eating is such an important constant of everyday life.

Once the “infinity flower” was designed and shared with others, new apropos interpretations were seen in the simple forms making up the mark: food on a plate, leaves, seeds, and a few even said they saw an abstracted angel! Because of the superhuman effort it takes to start a restaurant—literally we had a “village” to whom we’re eternally grateful, so have no doubt there’s an angel involved.

The color combination was chosen for clarity, peace, and high ideals: clear blue sky with butter, sunshine, warmth, plus our earth’s most precious metal.

The script typography references sauce or icing, just to bring in not only the nutritious but delicious side of conscious eating; it includes hearts on the counters of the “R” and “G” speaking to our wish to fill hearts and souls as well as bellies—plus it looks great on a T-shirt (in the works…stay tuned :-).